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Holiday Boxes

Daisies for Days - Without Shoes

Daisies for Days

Style Number: GB-d23girls12-ns, GB-d23girls12-ns
Desert Stripes - Without Shoes

Desert Stripes

Style Number: GB-d23boys6-ns, GB-d23boys6-ns
Clementine - Without Shoes


Style Number: GB-d23girls14-ns, GB-d23girls14-ns
Classic & Cool - Without Shoes

Classic & Cool

Style Number: GB-d23boys1-ns, GB-d23boys1-ns
Spring Break Vibes - Without Shoes

Spring Break Vibes

Style Number: GB-sb23girls1-ns, GB-sb23girls1-ns
Spring has Sprung - Without Shoes

Spring has Sprung

Style Number: GB-d23girls9-ns, GB-d23girls9-ns
Sea to the Sky - Without Shoes

Sea to the Sky

Style Number: GB-d23boys5-ns, GB-d23boys5-ns
Enchanted Garden - Without Shoes

Enchanted Garden

Style Number: GB-d23girls11-ns, GB-d23girls11-ns
Ready to Ride - Without Shoes

Ready to Ride

Style Number: GB-d23boys2-ns, GB-d23boys2-ns
Purple Posey - Without Shoes

Purple Posey

Style Number: GB-sb23girls2-ns, GB-sb23girls2-ns
Lucky in Lilac - Without Shoes

Lucky in Lilac

Style Number: GB-d23girls6-ns, GB-d23girls6-ns
Midnight Sky - Without Shoes

Midnight Sky

Style Number: GB-d23boys4-ns, GB-d23boys4-ns
Water Lily - Without Shoes

Water Lily

Style Number: GB-d23girls1-ns, GB-d23girls1-ns
Nature Walk - Without Shoes

Nature Walk

Style Number: GB-d23boys3-ns, GB-d23boys3-ns
Simply Sweet - Without Shoes

Simply Sweet

Style Number: GB-d23girls2-ns, GB-d23girls2-ns
Crazy About Daisies - Without Shoes

Crazy About Daisies

Style Number: GB-d23girls3-ns, GB-d23girls3-ns
Mint to Be - Without Shoes

Mint to Be

Style Number: GB-d23girls4-ns, GB-d23girls4-ns
Sweet in Stripes - Without Shoes

Sweet in Stripes

Style Number: GB-d23girls13-ns, GB-d23girls13-ns
Totally Chic - Without Shoes

Totally Chic

Style Number: GB-d23girls5-ns, GB-d23girls5-ns
Zinnia Fields - Without Shoes

Zinnia Fields

Style Number: GB-d23girls7-ns, GB-d23girls7-ns
Good Times Roll - Without Shoes

Good Times Roll

The good times never stop in this awesome colorful graphic that can be paired with these distressed jeans or our comfortable pull-on shorts. He can also throw on this checkered button up over either tops or wear it alone. These awesome white high-tops and tie-dye cap complete any of the looks he plans on putting together.

Style Number: GB-v22boys4-ns, GB-v22boys4-ns
Blushing Florals - Without Shoes

Blushing Florals

Style Number: GB-d23girls8-ns, GB-d23girls8-ns
Strawberry Shortcake - Without Shoes

Strawberry Shortcake

Style Number: GB-d23girls10-ns, GB-d23girls10-ns
Blossom Floral - Without Shoes

Blossom Floral

Style Number: GB-d23girls15-ns, GB-d23girls15-ns
Daisy Fields - Without Shoes

Daisy Fields

Style Number: GB-sp23girls3-ns, GB-sp23girls3-ns
Creative Boost - Without Shoes

Creative Boost

Style Number: GB-sp23boys1-ns, GB-sp23boys1-ns
Pastel Poppy - Without Shoes

Pastel Poppy

Style Number: GB-sp23girls1-ns, GB-sp23girls1-ns
Spring Breaker - Without Shoes

Spring Breaker

Style Number: GB-sp23boys2-ns, GB-sp23boys2-ns
Smiles and Stripes - Without Shoes

Smiles and Stripes

Style Number: GB-sp23girls2-ns, GB-sp23girls2-ns
Empowered by Nature - Without Shoes

Empowered by Nature

This is the perfect set for your nature lover!  Just layer on this matching French terry sweatsuit and you will be ready for all the tree climbing, hugging, and planting you desire!  The French terry sweatsuit comes in a super soft material that has been dyed so it looks perfectly worn and cozy and the graphic tee top has a message everyone can get on board with.

Style Number: GB-f22newboys1-ns, GB-f22newboys1-ns
Thunder Bike - Without Shoes

Thunder Bike

Comfort is key when it comes to clothing and that's why this cozy two-piece set is the best. He can also rock this motorcycle graphic under the hoodie and for when he wants to make a whole new look and pair it with these awesome white sneakers.

Style Number: GB-h21boys6-ns, GB-h21boys6-ns
Ready For Action - Without Shoes

Ready For Action

Stay active in this amazing two-piece jog set with taping and ribbed details. Add these awesome high-top sneakers and short sleeve graphic for a full head to toe look.

Style Number: GB-h21boys2-ns, GB-h21boys2-ns
Road Trip - Without Shoes

Road Trip

You’ll be the coolest kid in school in this outfit!  Pair our USA license plate graphic tee with some knit denim pants and sweet camo sneakers.  Throw on this awesome color block hoodie on those chilly fall days.  Don’t forget your rope bracelet to tie it all together.

Style Number: GB-f22p5boys2-ns, GB-f22p5boys2-ns
Vest To Impress - Without Shoes

Vest To Impress

This trendy box will wow your kidpik kid.  Perfect for a trend loving girl, this box features a pleated denim skirt, geo patterned vest in pinks and greens, a ruffle sleeve shirt to wear under your vest, and some pink clips to make you jump for joy!  Celebrate the holidays in style and class with this pre-styled box.

Style Number: GB-h22girls1-ns, GB-h22girls1-ns
Spread Kindness - Without Shoes

Spread Kindness

Spreading more kindness with every step, this pre-styled box is featured in a beautiful pink and green color palette and is pure Kidpik comfort.  The skinny denim is a pull on style for ease and comfort, the rib long sleeve raglan top is a new hue for the season and has embroidered “spread kindness” at the center front.  The matching sweatshirt/skirt set is made of the softest French terry that has a gorgeous bouquet print scattered throughout and the thermal dress will bring comfort and style to your kids fall looks.

Style Number: GB-f22newgirls2-ns, GB-f22newgirls2-ns
12 MO27-29 IN17-22 LB18.5 IN19 IN
18 MO29-31 IN22-26 LB19.5 IN19.5 IN
2 T33-36 IN30-33 LB20.5 IN20.25 IN
3 T36-39 IN33-36 LB21 IN20.5 IN
4 XXS38-42 IN33-37 LB22 IN21 IN
5 XS42-45 IN37-43 LB23 IN21.5 IN
6 XS45-48 IN43-50 LB24 IN22 IN
7 S48-51 IN50-57 LB25.5 IN22.5 IN
8 S51-54 IN57-67 LB27 IN23 IN
10 M54-57 IN67-75 LB28.5 IN24 IN
12 L57-60 IN75-85 LB30 IN25 IN
14 XL60-62 IN85-100 LB31.5 IN26 IN
16 XXL62-65 IN101-115 LB33 IN27 IN