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Girls Holiday Boxes

Marigold - Without Shoes


Style Number: GB-h23prestyledgirls25-ns, GB-h23prestyledgirls25-ns
Floral and Coral - Without Shoes

Floral and Coral

Style Number: GB-h23prestyledgirls05-ns, GB-h23prestyledgirls05-ns
Be Inspiration - Without Shoes

Be Inspiration

Style Number: GB-h23prestyledgirls37-ns, GB-h23prestyledgirls37-ns
Snow Flowers - Without Shoes

Snow Flowers

Style Number: GB-h23prestyledgirls24-ns, GB-h23prestyledgirls24-ns
Always in Style - Without Shoes

Always in Style

Style Number: GB-h23prestyledgirls03-ns, GB-h23prestyledgirls03-ns
Starry Night - Without Shoes

Starry Night

Style Number: GB-h23prestyledgirls15-ns, GB-h23prestyledgirls15-ns
Violets - Without Shoes


Style Number: GB-h23prestyledgirls23-ns, GB-h23prestyledgirls23-ns
Wild Flower Fields - Without Shoes

Wild Flower Fields

This Kidpik Girl's curated outfit box is a testament to timeless elegance, infused with playful modern touches perfect for a young fashion-forward girl. Central to the collection is a long-sleeve multicolored floral dress, crafted from soft rayon, with its elasticized waist and sleeve openings cascading into beautiful tiers, creating a full and flowing skirt. Complementing this, a long-sleeve grey knit baseball tee stands out with its metallic stripe graphic, crowned by a heart at the center chest. The ensemble continues to enchant with a classic long-sleeve rib knit navy tee, paired effortlessly with a vibrant mustard yellow denim skirt that prioritizes comfort with its inner adjustable waistband. To bring the entire look together, brown faux suede booties boasting buckle details at the heel add a dash of boho charm.

Style Number: GB-f23psgirls17-ns, GB-f23psgirls17-ns
Iconic - Without Shoes


Style Number: GB-h23prestyledgirls10-ns, GB-h23prestyledgirls10-ns
Warm Umber - Without Shoes

Warm Umber

Style Number: GB-h23prestyledgirls28-ns, GB-h23prestyledgirls28-ns
Stay Bold - Without Shoes

Stay Bold

Style Number: GB-h23prestyledgirls31-ns, GB-h23prestyledgirls31-ns
Star Explorer - Without Shoes

Star Explorer

Style Number: GB-h23prestyledgirls17-ns, GB-h23prestyledgirls17-ns
Always Good Vibes - Without Shoes

Always Good Vibes

Style Number: GB-h23prestyledgirls12-ns, GB-h23prestyledgirls12-ns
Violet - Without Shoes


This Kidpik Girl's curated outfit box perfectly captures a blend of boho-chic and contemporary style, curated for young girls with a flair for fashion. Dominating the ensemble is a long-sleeve floral chiffon peasant dress, blooming with brown and purple hues, accompanied by a delicate lining and shimmering lurex flecks woven seamlessly throughout the fabric. Adding a touch of softness, a long-sleeve light purple rib knit jersey tee provides a versatile layering option. The collection further elevates with a timeless black denim skirt, thoughtfully designed with an inner adjustable waistband for optimal comfort. Rounding off this captivating set are black buckle chunky booties, adding an edgy finish to the assortment.

Style Number: GB-f23psgirls16-ns, GB-f23psgirls16-ns
Made of Magic - Without Shoes

Made of Magic

Style Number: GB-h23prestyledgirls42-ns, GB-h23prestyledgirls42-ns
Born to Shine - Without Shoes

Born to Shine

Style Number: GB-h23prestyledgirls06-ns, GB-h23prestyledgirls06-ns
Frosted Floral - Without Shoes

Frosted Floral

Style Number: GB-h23prestyledgirls19-ns, GB-h23prestyledgirls19-ns
Always Be Yourself - Without Shoes

Always Be Yourself

Style Number: GB-h23prestyledgirls34-ns, GB-h23prestyledgirls34-ns
Winter Wonder - Without Shoes

Winter Wonder

Style Number: GB-h23prestyledgirls16-ns, GB-h23prestyledgirls16-ns
Free Style  - Without Shoes

Free Style

Style Number: GB-h23prestyledgirls13-ns, GB-h23prestyledgirls13-ns
Stay Motivated - Without Shoes

Stay Motivated

Style Number: GB-h23prestyledgirls38-ns, GB-h23prestyledgirls38-ns
Follow Your Dreams - Without Shoes

Follow Your Dreams

Style Number: GB-h23prestyledgirls04-ns, GB-h23prestyledgirls04-ns
Comfy in Coral - Without Shoes

Comfy in Coral

This Kidpik Girl's curated outfit box artfully melds comfort with chic, offering young fashionistas a seamless blend of trendy and functional pieces. Dominating the collection is a cozy long-sleeve knit thermal dress in a radiant coral, complete with pockets and an elastic encased waist accentuated by a fixed drawcord. Further enhancing the box's vibrant palette, a matching coral and grey French terry tie-dye set showcases a notch neck hoodie and coordinating joggers for laid-back style. Versatile medium wash boyfriend jeans bring a touch of edgy charm with their distress marks and optional cuffing at the hem, harmoniously paired with a short sleeve grey tee adorned with multicolored appliqué stripes at the chest. To wrap up this stylish collection, a multicolored heart bracelet adds a dash of playfulness, while navy slide-on zip high-tops ensure every step is made with confident flair.

Style Number: GB-f23psgirls11-ns, GB-f23psgirls11-ns
Mint to Be - Without Shoes

Mint to Be

Style Number: GB-h23prestyledgirls35-ns, GB-h23prestyledgirls35-ns
Legend in the Making - Without Shoes

Legend in the Making

Style Number: GB-h23prestyledgirls02-ns, GB-h23prestyledgirls02-ns
Chase Your Dreams - Without Shoes

Chase Your Dreams

Style Number: GB-h23prestyledgirls36-ns, GB-h23prestyledgirls36-ns
Life is Beautiful - Without Shoes

Life is Beautiful

Style Number: GB-h23prestyledgirls29-ns, GB-h23prestyledgirls29-ns
Let your Dreams Blossom - Without Shoes

Let your Dreams Blossom

Style Number: GB-h23prestyledgirls21-ns, GB-h23prestyledgirls21-ns
I Heart Fashion - Without Shoes

I Heart Fashion

You’ll be dressed to impress this fall with these fun outfits!  Pair this heart graphic tee with some skinny jeans for a casual trendy look.  Or throw on a floral dress to dress it up a little.  No matter the outfit you choose, pull it all together with some cute hair clips and double buckle boots!

Style Number: GB-f22p5girls1-ns, GB-f22p5girls1-ns
Feeling Good - Without Shoes

Feeling Good

Style Number: GB-h23prestyledgirls09-ns, GB-h23prestyledgirls09-ns
Autumn Florals - Without Shoes

Autumn Florals

Style Number: GB-h23prestyledgirls27-ns, GB-h23prestyledgirls27-ns
Inspire Others - Without Shoes

Inspire Others

Style Number: GB-h23prestyledgirls47-ns, GB-h23prestyledgirls47-ns
Strawberry Shortcake - Without Shoes

Strawberry Shortcake

Style Number: GB-d23girls10-ns, GB-d23girls10-ns
Clementine - Without Shoes


Style Number: GB-d23girls14-ns, GB-d23girls14-ns
Pastel Poppy - Without Shoes

Pastel Poppy

Style Number: GB-sp23girls1-ns, GB-sp23girls1-ns
Blushing Florals - Without Shoes

Blushing Florals

Style Number: GB-d23girls8-ns, GB-d23girls8-ns
Good Vibes Only - Without Shoes

Good Vibes Only

The good vibes will never stop when she is in this awesome active look. These colorful stretchy leggings pair perfectly with this long sleeve thermal graphic and studded high-top sneakers. If she gets chilly, she can throw on this awesome hot pink cropped hoodie or tie it around her waist for extra style points.

Style Number: GB-h21girls1-ns, GB-h21girls1-ns
Crazy About Daisies - Without Shoes

Crazy About Daisies

Style Number: GB-d23girls3-ns, GB-d23girls3-ns
Rock Star - Without Shoes

Rock Star

She Rocks! This box is perfect for our Rock Star girls out there!  Featuring a Kidpik favorite silhouette, a drop waist dress in a scattered star chiffon print, an easy to layer dress or wear alone with the cardigan.  Also featuring a perfectly distressed stretch denim skinny jean in black wash, a Rock Star tee with silver sequins for all the glitz you could want, pink aviator glasses, and the perfect sneaker that will tie all the looks together. Rock out!

Style Number: GB-f22newgirls4-ns, GB-f22newgirls4-ns
Enchanted Garden - Without Shoes

Enchanted Garden

Style Number: GB-d23girls11-ns, GB-d23girls11-ns
Roses are Red - Without Shoes

Roses are Red

Style Number: GB-v23girls1-ns, GB-v23girls1-ns
Pretty in Paisley - Without Shoes

Pretty in Paisley

This box has everything you need to start the school year in style!  Pair this boxy graphic tee with a corduroy skirt for a fun casual look.  Or wear this paisley floral dress for a cute and easy outfit!  Pair either outfit with some faux snakeskin sneakers and a beaded bracelet for a little extra sparkle.

Style Number: GB-f22p5girls2-ns, GB-f22p5girls2-ns
Star Athlete - Without Shoes

Star Athlete

Time to stay active in this awesome athletic styled outfit. Everything from the stretchy knit leggings to the hooded cropped sweatshirt will have her ready for action. Don’t forget about this thermal 3D looking graphic and sparkle star sneakers to complete her perfect athletic look.

Style Number: GB-h21girls7-ns, GB-h21girls7-ns
Mint to Be - Without Shoes

Mint to Be

Style Number: GB-d23girls4-ns, GB-d23girls4-ns
Lovely in Stripes - Without Shoes

Lovely in Stripes

Style Number: GB-h23prestyledgirls14-ns, GB-h23prestyledgirls14-ns
Hearts Glow - Without Shoes

Hearts Glow

Style Number: GB-v23girls3-ns, GB-v23girls3-ns
Glamping - Without Shoes


Get ready for some smore’s, skits, and swimming at camp this summer in Kidpik’s curated summer box! This outfit box is perfect for sunny days in the lake and includes a matching French terry short set in heather grey with a multicolored floral pattern, a vibrant ruffle tankini, and a pink boxy tee with a sequin gold heart. Finish off your look with gold puffy slides and a multicolored star bracelet for a little pop of gold.

Style Number: GB-s23campgirls2-ns, GB-s23campgirls2-ns
Blossom Floral - Without Shoes

Blossom Floral

Style Number: GB-d23girls15-ns, GB-d23girls15-ns
Zinnia Fields - Without Shoes

Zinnia Fields

Style Number: GB-d23girls7-ns, GB-d23girls7-ns
Tropical Daze - Without Shoes

Tropical Daze

Feel stylish during your tropical getaway in this asymmetrical striped swimsuit and classic stretch twill shorts perfect for a day at the beach. Cover up for a stroll into town with this awesome palm tree graphic, cool studded gladiator sandals and bright aviator sunglasses. Can’t forget about a nighttime look, which is why we put in this amazing super soft and tropical romper.

Style Number: GB-v22girls2-ns, GB-v22girls2-ns
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