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Girls' Mystery Bag - 6 Piece
Girls Mystery Bag - 6 Piece

Girls' Mystery Bag

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for 6 Items

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Girls Boys

Get 6 assorted items containing tops, bottoms, and/or dresses at approximately 65% off the original retail value. It’s the perfect time to surprise your girl with a bag full of fun.

* Items in a mystery bag can not be returned or exchanged.

What is a mystery bag?

A mystery bag contains an assortment of items at approximately 60% off the original retail. Curious to see what you’ll get? Order a bag now.

What type of products are in a mystery bag?

Mystery bags will contain 6 items of tops, bottoms, and/or dresses.

How much does a mystery bag cost?

You’ll receive 6 items for only $38! That’s approximately 65% off the original retail value.

Are there shipping charges?

There’s a $7.50 shipping charge to receive a mystery bag. However, shipping is always free on orders over $50.

Can you return or exchange items in a mystery bag

Mystery bags are final sale and can not be returned or exchanged. Mystery bag items returned to kidpik will be forfeited and not returned back to you.

When will I receive my mystery bag?

You should receive your mystery bag within 10 days of placing your order.

Will a mystery bag be shipped in a box or bag?

Your items will be shipped in a bag and separate from your subscription boxes.

Do you need to be a kidpik member to order a mystery bag?

Anyone can order a mystery bag, membership is not required.

Style Number: MysteryBag, MysteryBag_Girl